Prop HHH Developments Summary

Proposition HHH Supportive Housing (SH) Loan Program 

SH Projects Summary (as of 6-7-2019) 

Total Prop HHH Projects in Predevelopment 59
Total Construction Loans Closed 3
Total Prop HHH Projects in Construction 17
Total Prop HHH Units* 5,388
Total Prop HHH Supportive Housing Units 4,120
Total Prop HHH Funds Requested $809,713,423
Total HCIDLA Funds Requested $831,457,009
Total Development Cost $2,754,662,476
Amount Leveraged** $1,944,949,053

* Includes units for building managers.

**Every $1 of HHH funds generated $2.40 from other sources.

For more details, please see the HHH Progress dashboard