Supportive Housing (Prop HHH)

The Proposition HHH Supportive Housing Loan Program (Prop HHH) is designed to develop supportive housing for homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness throughout the City.  Currently there are over 34,000 homeless individuals in the City of Los Angeles; citywide there is a shortage of affordable housing units.  In 2016, Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly voted for a $0.348 per square foot property tax which will fund the $1.2 billion measure. The program emphasis is on reducing homelessness by creating safe and affordable housing units, and increasing accessibility to a variety of necessary services and treatment programs. To see the progress of the Prop HHH funds, visit our Prop HHH developments summary page.

If you are a homeless person seeking information on how to apply for Prop HHH housing, please visit, or visit our homeless persons webpage, (for additional information on the applicant selection process, visit the L.A. County Coordinated Entry System page). 

For more information on how to apply for Prop HHH financing, visit our announcements page or access the NOFA online application.  For questions about the Prop HHH SH Loan Program, visit our FAQ page, or contact us at

We offer free language assistance services upon request if your primary language​ is not ​English. Please call (213) 808-8808 for language assistance services.

What is Supportive Housing?

Supportive Housing (SH) is for homeless or chronically more.

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Prop HHH Developments Summary

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