Rushmore Cervantes

Portrait of General Manager

Rushmore Cervantes is the General Manager of the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA).   Mr. Cervantes plans and directs all activities and operations of HCIDLA to support the creation of viable urban communities by promoting livable and prosperous communities through the development and preservation of decent, safe, affordable housing, neighborhood investment, and social services.  With Federal and State grants, conduit bond financing and local funding sources, HCIDLA provides assistance in the development of single-family homes, multi-unit rental housing, mixed-use (commercial/residential) developments, strategic, cost-effective capital projects, and housing opportunities for persons with special needs (such as homeless, persons with AIDS, persons with sensory or physical disabilities, victims of domestic violence, and kinship families). 

Mr. Cervantes oversees HCIDLA’s six City Commissions as well as the network of Family Source Centers that provide low-income families with supportive services geared towards financial sustainability and an increase in youth academic achievement.  HCIDLA also performs habitability inspections of all 760,000 multi-family units in the city, administers the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, and provides a first-time homeownership program and a home repair program.  All services and programs are place-based, and integrate transit, community, economic, and housing development investments.  Mr. Cervantes also serves as a member of the Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board and as President of the Los Angeles Development Fund, a Community Development Entity (CDE) that invests New Market Tax Credits in commercial and residential developments that create permanent jobs.

Over the course of his City career, Mr. Cervantes has managed the financing of affordable housing, developed and implemented performance-based social service and community programs, developed strategic plans, collaborative efforts and initiatives with City Departments and private sector organizations, facilitated the implementation of the City’s Financial Management System, and built community consensus on various issues.  He has over 20 years of experience with the City of Los Angeles and has held several other key City positions including:

Chief Deputy Controller
General Manager of the El Pueblo Historical Monument Authority
Assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Aging
Member of the City Joint Labor-Management Benefits Committee

He was also a budget analyst with the Office of the City Administrative Officer for approximately five years.  Mr. Cervantes holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the California Lutheran University.