Services for Low-Income Seniors and People with Disabilities

An elderly man in front of a single-family house

Handyworker Program

The Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) Handyworker Program has been addressing the housing needs of low income seniors and persons with physical disabilities in the City of Los Angeles since the 1970’s. The Handyworker Program provides free minor home repairs and/or improvements to eligible homeowners that address basic health, safety, security, and accessibility issues of owner-occupied, single family homes. These repairs/improvements assist with preventing accidents in the home, help seniors and people with permanent disabilities to remain in their own homes, and preserve the City's aging housing stock. Limited safety and security device improvements are available to eligible renters.



  • Property must be located in the City of Los Angeles.
  • Homeowner 62 years and older, or
  • Homeowner living with a permanent, physical disability, or
  • Homeowner living with family members with a permanent, physical disability (limited repairs)
  • Renter, 62 years and older, or living with a permanent, physical disability (limited repairs)
  • All applicants must be low income.


  • Proof of age (eg: state ID or driver's license)
  • Proof of disability (if not senior 62 or older)
  • Proof of income ( eg: social security award letter, pay stubs, pension)
  • Proof of homeownership (eg: property tax statement, grant deed, mobile home registration) 
  • Proof of residency (eg: recent utility bill)


2019 Income Requirements for Handyworker Program

Number of People in Household

1 Person

2 Persons

3 Persons

4 Persons

5 Persons

Total Annual Income







  • Single-family home that property owner lives in
  • Duplex where owner lives in one of the units
  • Condominiums, town homes or co-ops that property owner lives in
  • Stationary mobile units that property owner lives in 
  • Multi-family rental apartments (limited repairs offered)

The Work We Do


  • Up to $5,000 for minor repairs for homeowners;
  • Up to $300 for safety devices for renters


  • Improvements that correct health & safety deficiencies including:
    • Accessibility improvements: handrails, grab bars, disabled access toilets, alarms that flash lights, and ramps
    • Repair/replace broken windows and doors
    • Add quick releases to window security bars
    • Install safety devices such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and seismic shutoff valves
    • For renters: hand held showers, bath/shower seats, and grab bars


  • Major electrical, plumbing, roofing, and foundation repairs
  • Landscaping, tree trimming or tree removal
  • Repair or replacement of furniture or appliances
  • Repairs or painting of detached garages
  • Lead abatement, house cleaning, and pest control

How to Apply

  1. Collect the following documents:
    • Documents showing your age and disability status: photo ID and SSI letter from the Social Security Administration stating disability status
    • Documents showing your income from all sources: Social Security Administration award letter, workers compensation, pay stubs, rental receipt, dividend income statement, etc.
    • Documents showing your property ownership: property tax bill, trust agreement, co-owner’s death certificate, etc.
    • Documents showing you live in that property: utility bill
  2. Call us at (213) 808-8803 to find the nearest community partner that can help you with your application.
    • If TTY is needed to contact us, please use Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS) such as Text-to-Voice TTY-based TRS, Speech-to-Speech Relay Service, Shared Non-English Language Relay Services, Captioned Telephone Service; IP Captioned Telephone Service, Internet Protocol Relay Service, or Video Relay Service.

Please note we get more applications than we are able to accommodate. There may be a waiting list for service. All work is subject to availability of funds. Program policies are subject to change.