Community Input

Public Meetings

Three public meetings were held for the Housing and Community Development 2019-20 Consolidated Plan (Con Plan) on August 22, 23, and 28.  The Con Plan describes how Los Angeles will use $125 million annually in federal grants to deal with housing and neighborhood needs for Angelenos with low-income.  Your voice matters to us; these and future meetings are your opportunities to tell us what you want to see.  The meetings were held in South Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, and Pacoima; over 100 people attended for presentations on housing and the Con Plan, and homelessness in the city.  Participants were then invited to propose ideas on how we can improve your neighborhoods.

Thank you for joining us and telling us what you want and need in your communities!

A report on your wishes for your communities has been submitted to City Council and is available to read here.

For questions on our public meetings, please send an E-mail to