Text 'RSO' Campaign

buildings icon with Text R-S-O tel number 1-855-880-7368

Text ‘RSO’ campaign

HCIDLA’s Rent Stabilization Division has an active TEXT campaign to assist tenants in finding out whether they reside in a Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) property.

A renter need only text the acronym: RSO to begin a quick interaction that enables the system to query the property. The text campaign is user friendly. A renter residing in the City of Los Angeles, texts “RSO”, the renter receives a text providing language options, the texter chooses the languages, the following text asks to provide the address and zip code, the system follows with a quick ‘yes or no’ confirmation, the text that follows is to confirm whether the property is an RSO designated property or not. The texter is also provided further contact information to HCIDLA to further inquire about the specific property.

This benefit is for renters, and all other stakeholders, to find out if a property is an RSO property by texting, RSO to 1-855-880-7368.  Learn more about the Rent Stabilization Ordinance on HCIDLA’s website at https://hcidla.lacity.org/Is-My-Rental-Unit-Subject-to-the-RSO

By Sandra Mendoza

Public Information Section