Shake but not Break

Soft Story buildings collapsed on rows of cars

Attention landlords! We've all seen the devastation that a big earthquake can bring, and it doesn't take a Venice beach psychic to know that we Angelenos are due for another big shake  in the very near future.  More specifically, we've seen what happens to particularly vulnerable soft-story buildings - those wood frame buildings with large first floor openings for parking spaces - that make for a very weak first story.  That's why the City of Los Angeles is now requiring all soft-story building owners to perform mandatory retrofits to avoid the catastrophic events witnessed in the last big LA quake.  

We at HCIDLA realize what a daunting task this will be, and we'll be here to help you out every step of the way, starting with the Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Resource Fair on April 7, 2016 at the LA Convention Center.  Join us as City officials and experts from all related fields ranging from financial to construction will be on hand to answer your questions relating to the retrofit program. Information materials and other resources will be provided to make your properties' retrofit as smooth and expeditious as possible. Together we may shake, and together we will stand as we make LA more resilient, safe and strong. Register at  For more information, visit: