GeoRegistry (Foreclosure Registry Program)

Enhanced Georegistry app. Geo-mapping of properties in foreclosure in the City of Los Angeles. Click to learn more about Enhanced Georegistry.


For geo-mapping of properties in foreclosure in the City of Los Angeles

HCIDLA has released the newly enhanced GeoRegistry, which provides geo-mapping of residential properties in foreclosure, and information on foreclosure trends.  The enhanced GeoRegistry brings all of the disparate components into alignment for a fully functional and cohesive database, includes a portal to share information with the public, and a tool to report issues with properties undergoing foreclosure.

GeoRegistry connects multiple City Departments (including, but not limited to, LA Police Department, LA Fire Department, LA Department of Building and Safety, Office of the City Attorney, Neighborhood Prosecutors, & Council Offices) and other outside entities via internet access, provides critical information necessary to jointly bring properties in foreclosure into habitable condition, prevent blight in residential communities, and track the status of properties across the City of Los Angeles. 

Background. The GeoRegistry was enacted By LA City Council on July 8, 2010. The Foreclosure Registry Program is a  response to the foreclosure crisis that started in 2008 - Los Angeles was one of the hardest hit cities in the nation.  The ordinance established a residential property registration program to protect neighborhoods from blight caused by properties undergoing foreclosure, which often lack adequate maintenance and security.  The Foreclosure Registry Ordinance requires any lender, beneficiary or trustee who holds or has an interest in a deed of trust on a residential property in foreclosure located in the City of Los Angeles to register the property with HCIDLA within 30 days of the recording of a Notice of Default.

Go to: GeoRegistry (, or to connect with HCIDLA’s Foreclosure Registry Unit: Hotline 213-808-8858, email: