Accessible Housing Program (AcHP) Overview

An image of hand on wheel of a wheelchair


The Accessible Housing Program (AcHP) ensures that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to rent, use, and enjoy housing that has received financial or other assistance from the City of Los Angeles (City) or the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA/LA).  
The ACHP covers 730+ existing affordable rental housing developments built before April 2016 and all newly constructed or rehabilitated affordable housing built since then.  These developments are referred to as Covered Housing Developments
The AcHP will:
1.  Ensure that at least 4,000 units in the existing Covered Housing Developments meet federal and state accessibility requirements, and contain the required number of:
  1. Mobility Units designed  for people who have mobility disabilities, including people who use wheelchairs;
  2. Hearing/Vision Units designed with features for people with hearing and vision disabilities;
2.  Ensure that all rental housing financed or assisted by the City or the CRA/LA meet all federal and state accessibility requirements;
3.  Require Covered Housing Developments to adopt and carry out nondiscriminatory property management policies;
4.  Provide training to property owners and management staff of Covered Housing Developments on required accessibility and non-discrimination laws, regulations, and policies;
5.  Provide a Grievance Procedure; and
6.  Develop an Accessible Housing Registry website that allows people with disabilities to identify accessible, affordable units in Covered Housing Developments, apply online to rent vacant units, be placed on waiting lists for those units (if the waiting list is open), and learn when vacant units are available.
The AcHP is administered by the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) on behalf of the City.