Referral to City Attorney's Office

Photo by Joe Gratz is licensed under Public Domain

If you have received a notice that your building does not comply with applicable housing regulations and you have not corrected the violations, after a public hearing your property may be referred to the Office of the City Attorney for misdemeanor prosecution.   The Legal Unit within the HCIDLA prepares case files for referral.


Referral and Filing

Your case is in the Legal Unit as a result of the General Manager’s Hearing decision. The hearing officer directed that the case be prepared for referral to the Office of the City Attorney for prosecution due to persistent violations.  The case will be filed as criminal misdemeanor charge.  It will be filed against the person or business entity on title.


Averting a Legal Case Filling

A legal case can be closed when a HCIDLA inspector signs off verifying that the cited violations have been corrected.  If you believe that you have brought your property into compliance, contact the Legal Unit to determine who should conduct the final inspection. If at the time of request for re-inspection the case has not been referred to the City Attorney’s Office, the assigned Case Manager will inspect the property. If the case has been referred to the City Attorney’s Office, the Court Liaison Unit (CLU) will inspect the property. Simply requesting an inspection will not necessarily delay processing of your case by the City Attorney.   However, completing repairs and receiving sign off from a housing inspector that the violations have been corrected will make the filing of a legal case unnecessary.

More information about inspections.


Applying and Finalizing Permits

Although you may have applied for and finalized building permits, the case will still move forward until an HCIDLA inspector verifies that the violations have been corrected.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to contact the HCIDLA once permits have been obtained from LADBS and when work has been completed. An HCIDLA inspector must sign off that the violations have been corrected to indicate that all housing code requirements have been met.   This information will be transmitted to the City Attorney and the processing of the case against you will stop.


Legal Fees

You are being billed as a result of the Legal Unit preparing a case file for referral to the Office of the City Attorney.  If the fees are not paid timely, late fees will be assessed. You may not dispute the legal fees.  However, you may dispute the late fees by completing the penalty fee waiver form.  Penalties may be waived under the following conditions: (1) debilitating illness or death of the property owner, (2) change in ownership, (3) change in exemption status, or (4) departmental error.  The request is made by completing and submitting the Administrative Penalty Appeal form.