File a RSO Complaint

Image of a computer screen with the RSO online complaint form

EVICTION ASSISTANCE - If you have received a court document such as an Unlawful Detainer, please seek legal assistance.  You may file a complaint for a possible violation of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) here.

The Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) covers rental housing units in the City of Los Angeles. Most rental units subject to the RSO were issued a Certificate of Occupancy from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety on or before October 1, 1978.  If you have experienced a violation(s) of the RSO for any of the following reasons listed below, and have unsuccessfully been able to resolve the issue(s) with your landlord, please click the Tenant Complaint Form below.

Reason for Complaint:

  • Unit Not Registered - Your rental unit is not registered.

  • Illegal Eviction (Español) - Received a verbal or written notice to move-out without a valid reason as listed under the RSO.

  • Non-Payment of Relocation Assistance (Español) - Did not receive relocation assistance fees due to a no-fault eviction.

  • Illegal Rent Increase - Received a verbal or written notice demanding more rent than allowed under the RSO.

  • Reduction of Services - A housing service provided to you at the beginning of your tenancy has been removed or is no longer accessible.

  • Failure to Post RSO Notice - There is no notice on the property that indicates your property is subject to the RSO.

  • Illegal Buyout Agreement - Received an offer or signed a buyout agreement in exchange to move out of your rental unit and the RSO Disclosure Notice was not given and/or the Buyout Agreement is not in compliance with the RSO.

  • Required Online Payment/Electronic Fund Transfer - Your landlord has requested to only submit your rental payments online or by electronic fund transfer.

The HCIDLA Rent Stabilization Division Investigations and Enforcement Section can not decide matters that are not covered by the RSO.  For example, we do not address issues such as harassment, discrimination, retaliation, habitability or return of security deposits.  Such matters must be decided in court or for additional housing resources click here.  

There is no charge for filing a complaint. There are no anonymous complaints since each complaint requires documentation to support the violation(s).  The length of an investigation varies. If an investigation reveals a violation of the RSO, you will be contacted before your landlord is notified of the violation(s).




Note: Information provided to the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) may be subject to the California Public Records Act (CPRA).