Prop HHH Timeline Calendar

Implementation Calendar – Prop HHH PSH Loan Program (updated 11-21-17)

Task Estimated Date
Publish Draft FY 2017-2018 Regulations  September 1, 2017
Stakeholders Meeting  September 14, 2017
City Council and Mayor approval of Regulations  December 12, 2017
Issue 1st Call for Projects  December 13, 2017
Proposal Due Date December 22, 2017
Proposers Notified of Determination & Appeals Process January 2018
Funding Recommendations (for AHSC projects only) January 16, 2018
Funding Recommendations to COC* January 19, 2018
Funding Recommendations to AOC* January 25, 2018
Funding Recommendations to City Council and Mayor February 2018
Issue 2nd Call for Projects  February 5, 2018
Approval Process for FY 2018-19 Regulations  April 2018
Proposed Project Expenditure Plan (PEP) to COC March 2018
PEP to AOC April 1, 2018
PEP to City Council and Mayor for Approval May 2018
CAO Debt Management Group bond issuance/resolution report approved by City Council and Mayor  By June 15, 2018

* Final HHH Regulation recommendations are reviewed by the HHH Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) and HHH Administrative Oversight Committee (AOC), before they are presented to the Homeless and Poverty Committee, the City Council, and Mayor's Office.