Prop HHH Developments Summary

Proposition HHH Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Loan Program - 

Projects in Predevelopment (as of 10-6-17) 

Total Prop HHH Projects in Predevelopment 9
Total Units 615
Total Permanent Supportive Housing Units 416
Total Prop HHH Funds Requested $73,157,162
Total HCIDLA Assistance Requested $83,759,054
Total Development Cost $262,362,770
Amount Leveraged* $178,603,716

*Every $1 of HCIDLA funds allowed $2.13 to be generated from non-city sources.

View the Prop HHH Developments Financial Report for a detailed spreadsheet on the developments.  This spreadsheet is updated monthly by the Prop HHH Unit within HCIDLA. It shows details such as PSH and non-PSH units, total development cost (TDC), and more.


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