Housing Development

An exterior photo of a multi-family housing apartment building

We facilitate the financing of housing development projects with our business and community partners. Using funds from the federal government and the state we build and preserve housing in low-income communities to create jobs, improve safety, expand educational opportunities and boost economic activity in those neighborhoods. We leverage our funds with private investments in order to maximize existing resources.

Meet our Assistant General Manager Helmi Hisserich

Following is a look at our divisions:

Asset Management Division

  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program
  • Occupancy Monitoring/Compliance Program
    • CRA Covenants
  • Loan Portfolio
  • Land Use Program
  • CRA Loans

Finance and Development Division

  • Special Projects
    • Homeownership
  • Programs Support
    • Environmental Services
    • Relocation
    • Prevailing Wage Monitoring
  • Program Delivery
    • LEAD Program
    • Monitoring
  • Finance
    • Affordable Housing Trust Fund
    • Tax Exempt Bonds
  • Technical Services
    • Architectural Services
    • Construction Services

Click here for an interactive map of our housing development projects.