Grievance Process for the Accessible Housing Program (AcHP)


If you are living in or applying for a unit in a Covered Housing Development, the development will have a Grievance Procedure.  Issues/complaints may be resolved by using that process.  In addition, the HCIDLA Accessible Housing Program (AcHP) has a Grievance Process, described below, which can be used instead of or in addition to the procedure at the Housing Development.
HCIDLA’s Accessible Housing Grievance Process  
The AcHP will accept and investigate grievances related to accessibility and discrimination based on disability in regards to:
  1. Any of the Covered Housing Developments, including owner or property management actions;
  2. Denial of a reasonable accommodation, modification, or an accessible unit in Covered Housing;
  3. Denial of a non-accessible unit in Covered Housing;
  4. Housing programs and services offered in Covered Housing; and 
  5. Accessible Housing Registry website.
Grievances may be submitted:
  1. Online click here:   (In Development)
  2. By Email to HCIDLA at  You may save the online form to your computer, complete it, and email it to the address above.
  3. By U.S. Mail.  Print the on-line form, complete it, and mail it to:  Policies & Special Project Coordinator, HCIDLA AcHP, 1200 W. 7th Street, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA  90017.
  4. By Telephone to the AcHP Program at 213-808-8949 (tenants/advocates/public).  AcHP staff can help to complete the form and submit it on your behalf.
The use of the ACHP Grievance Form is preferred but not required.  If the Form is not used, please make sure to include all relevant dates and information on the grievance, and contact information for the parties involved.   Forms will be provided in alternate formats upon request. 
Other Grievance and Complaint Processes 
a.  Grievances related to Americans with Disabilties Act II (ADA) violations:  
b.  Grievances related to accessibility and fair housing: