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We partner with many private and nonprofit organizations that provide various types of professional services in support of our mission to meet the diverse needs of Los Angeles. Our committed group of contractors range from social services agencies to information technology professionals. Funding for these contracts comes from local fee funds, as well as private, State and federal grants that are approved by the Mayor and the City Council on an annual basis. 

Requests for proposals or qualifications (RFP or RFQ)

See any open requests for proposals or qualifications on the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network.

Contracting opportunities

We partner with a diverse group of contractors for the professional and technical service categories summarized below to help us provide better housing-related services. Learn about our contracting opportunities by registering at Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network.

Architectural Consulting Consultant Services Domestic Violence Shelter Operations Environmental and Historical Building Preservation
Fair Housing and Housing Rights Family Source Centers / Family Services Financial Advisors Grant Writing
Hearing Officers Homelessness Supportive Services Laboratory Testing Landlord/ Tenant Outreach
Lead Remediation Services Loan Servicing Minor and Urgent Home Repair Neighborhood/ Facility Improvement
Occupancy Monitoring Real Estate and Property Management Systems and Information Technology Technical Services
Tenant Relocation Services Translation Services


Policies & procedures

Following are questions and answers on our policies and procedures for your reference.

How current should the Certificate of Good Standing from the state be?

The Certificate should be issued within one year of the RFP/RFQ due date.

Are the forms and attachments available in Microsoft Word format?

Yes. The forms and attachments are available in Word format on the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network.

On what pages of the proposal should we stamp the embossed seal?

The embossed seal should be on the cover letter, corporate resolution, Board of Directors Affidavit, Collaborator Agreements, and possibly other documents specific to your RFP/RFQ. Please double check the RFP/RFQ for details. 

Can the proposal be submitted in a binder?

Yes. We recommend using a three-ring binder. Proposers are responsible for compiling all required documents. We will use the digital version (on a CD or USB flash drive) for scoring purposes. Please ensure the digital version matches the paper version in its entirety. Applications with missing documents will be disqualified and will not be considered. 

Do I need a business license to apply?

No. However, you will need a business license if you are selected as a contractor. The city requires a W-9 and Tax ID number. You will need to register with the City Office of Finance for a Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC). 

Do I need to be certified as a MBE/WBE/DVBE/etc. for this RFP/RFQ?

While the City of Los Angeles does not require bidders to be certified, if your business is a MBE/WBE/DVBE/etc., the city strongly encourages you to obtain certification to take advantage of citywide contracting and subcontracting opportunities that seek participation from disadvantaged groups. We also seek to have a minimum percentage of contractors and subcontractors as MBE (minority business enterprise; 18%), WBE (woman business enterprise; 4%), SBE (small business enterprise; 25%), EBE (emerging business enterprise; 8%), and DVBE (disabled veteran business enterprise; 3%) businesses. Qualifying businesses may register for certification by contacting the City of LA’s Bureau of Contract Administration or visiting their website at Bidders already certified with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“Metro”) or Caltrans may use those certification(s) when bidding for City of Los Angeles RFPs/RFQs. 

I submitted the "company documents" (EBO, SDO, EEP/AA affidavits) [write out] online for another RFP. Do I need to do it again?

It depends on when they were submitted and verified by the Bureau of Contract Administration (BCA) upon selection as a contractor. We and the bureau prefer that documents be no older than six months. 

If an attachment does not apply, do we need to include a blank copy in our proposal?

Yes. You should write “N/A” in bold letters and submit a blank copy. 

What is the timeline for decisions to be communicated to candidates?

Approximately 30-45 days from the RFP/RFQ closing date. 

Is Business Inclusion Program (BIP) outreach only required if we anticipate any subcontracting?

Yes, the outreach is required if you anticipate any subcontracting. 

If we intend to use only our own staff, do we still need to conduct BIP outreach?

No, if you are utilizing only your staff to do the work and if you will not subcontract, you do not need to do the outreach.

For multi-category RFPs/RFQs:

May I submit a proposal for more than one category?

Yes. Each category must have a separate proposal package. 

Is it possible to be hired/contracted for two categories?

Yes, as long as the qualifications and capacity meet the contract requirements -- unless there is a real or perceived conflict of interest. 

I have the capacity to be either a prime or subcontractor. Can I register as both?


Does each individual or organization in a collaborative bid need to fill out the attachment forms? Or just the lead bidder?

Only the lead bidder is required to submit the proposal and all of the required documents. The collaborating bidder(s) must be identified and must also sign the Collaborator's Agreement form with the lead bidder. 

Will the manager of each program be part of the proposal review team?


I am a business owner and am interested in offering my services. How can I seek a contract with HCIDLA?

First, you must register your business with the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network. There you can search for and be notified of opportunities based on the industry codes you select when you register. All City departments must post their contracting opportunities at this site. 

Please send us an inquiry if you would like to speak with someone about our policies and procedures.