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Needs Assessment Survey

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Los Angeles is a place constantly in motion.  The people and places within our city are a flurry of activity, and every new day is never quite like the one before it.  Even the very ground beneath our feet decides to get up and move every once in a while (or perhaps strike and slip).  While all the chaos of life makes living in Los Angeles interesting, each day brings new challenges and new hardships.

Misfortune and difficulties can strike anyone.  And while most people can weather some adversity, the low to moderate income earners of Los Angeles are often disproportionately affected.  While metrics may vary, the city is consistently ranked toward the top of the list when it comes to the costs of living.  So when an unhealthy portion of income goes to merely surviving in our city, there’s not much to spare on other needed services, never mind unforeseen circumstances like injury or illness.

Each year, the Los Angeles receives four Federal grants to aid disadvantaged groups of people in specific ways.  The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is used to help develop capital projects in communities and to combat poverty.  The HOME Investment Partnership Program Grant (HOME) is a resource to help buy, build, or rehabilitate affordable housing.  The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) helps to alleviate the homeless crisis.  The Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS Grant (HOPWA) addresses the specific needs and difficulties faced by residents living with HIV or AIDS.

Despite the need, the Federal government has been steadily reducing the funding for these programs in recent years.  This means that the City has to be more pragmatic with how these funds are spent.  With limited resources and a great deal of need within Los Angeles, we have to determine where need is greatest and what is needed most.

This survey is an important diagnostic tool for the City of Los Angeles.  Every community is different, and their needs and resources are not all the same.  A one-size-fits-all approach to addressing the issues within our city will not yield the best results.  With your help, we can determine what is needed the most in your community.

For a broader picture, we ask that you spread word of this survey to your neighbors. Thank you for your help.  If you have any questions or additional comments, please email

For survey in English, click here!

Responses to survey being collected until November 22, 2017.