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The National Association of Commissions for Women Conference 


LACSW is pleased to invite you to the 48th National Association of Commissions for Women Conference on August 1-4, 2018, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CA. With a conference theme of Cities Leading Women, this conference will attract women and supporters from across the country seeking a renewed spirit and tools to make a difference for women and families in their communities. 

When you attend the annual NACW conference, you will have the opportunity to:

  • ​Network and build relationships with local government representatives across the country;
  • Learn best practices and innovative programming ideas to help you fulfill your mission and advocate effectively for women in your communities;
  • Learn how to adopt gender equity strategies and best practices in your municipality; 
  • Get hands on tools, training, and briefings on key women’s issues
  • Learn tactics to fund and operate successful programs

We are currently working hard to plan a conference packed full of exciting, informative, and energizing information. To get up-to-date information about the conference program, go to:

Who should attend?

  • State and local legislators
  • Women's Commission board and staff members
  • National and local women’s organizations
  • Women’s empowerment activists
  • Leaders in nonprofit sector, business, academia, and more! 



Sponsorship Opportunities 

For over forty-eight years, NACW has represented the interests of Women's Commissions on state, county, and city level, who in turn, articulate the ideas and concerns of millions of women and girls from across the nation.

LACSW Mission Statement 

Established through an ordinance passed by Mayor Tom Bradley in 1975, the City of Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women (LACSW) was re-launched by Mayor Eric Garcetti with a new Commissionership dedicated to co-powering gender equity in Los Angeles. The LACSW's mandate is to advance the general welfare of women and girls in the Los Angeles community and to ensure that all women have full and equal participation in City government.

The LACSW mission is to:

Inform and Advise the Mayor and City Council of the needs and challenges that Los Angeles women face, with special emphasis placed on women in City government.

Investigate problems and conditions adversely affecting women.

Recommend solutions to problems impacting women; identify programs that offer a greater opportunity and ability for Los Angeles Women to pursue life choices to pursue life choices without discrimination.

Propose methods of alleviating gender-based inequities in pay and job opportunities.

Promote awareness of changing life patterns, opportunities and responsibilities of women.

Maintain relationships with citizen groups that are committed to identifying and removing obstacles to the development of a woman's full potential.

LACSW Commissioners

Meet our commissioners and explore how they are working to advance the well-being of women and girls in LA. 

Jackie Filla, President
Nancy Perlman, Vice President
Erma Bernard-Gibson, Delegate
Jessica Postigo, Commissioner
Alice Y. Hom, Commissioner 
​Maryam Zar, Commissioner
Richelle Huizar, Commissioner 

LACSW Initiatives

LACSW Strategic Action Plan  

On April 20, 2018, we adopted a Strategic Action Plan that will guide our efforts for the coming two years. Read it here to learn more about our focus areas, specific projects, and Commission Leads. 

LACSW Signature Events 

Pioneer Women of the Year Award 
Since 1989, LACSW has partnered with City Council and the Mayor of LA, in honoring female leaders for their exemplary contribution to the City through the Pioneer Women’s Awards. Together, they have awarded 400+ resilient women and brought awareness to their specific area of work while fostering closer relationships between the City and community leaders. Read the 2018 presentation by Commissioner Jessica Postigo in City Council here

Ready to Run 
The Ready to Run® program is an annual nonpartisan campaign training for women hosted by Mount Saint Mary’s Center for the Advancement of Women. The program focuses on the election process and provides opportunities for women interested in politics to gain experience about the political process. Mount Saint Mary's University is the exclusive Southern California partner of Ready to Run with the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. 

“No amount of leaning in or marching will bring about the direct, substantive changes that put women on a path to equality like running for office and being elected to serve.”
-Jackie Filla, LACSW President, PhD, Mount Saint Mary’s associate professor, History and Political Science Dept. & organizer of Ready to Run.

Accomplishments & Ongoing LACSW Projects

The Report on the Status of Women and Girls in the City of Los Angeles
In 2015, the LACSW, in partnership with Mount Saint Mary's University and Mayor Eric Garcetti, released The Report on the Status of Women and Girls in Los Angeles - the first-ever study focusing on the issues and trends affecting women and girls in the City of Los Angeles. The release was followed by a presentation in City Council, which provided specific data on Demographics, Leadership, Veterans, Education and Workforce Development, and Public Safety. 

Crises Text Line 
Crisis Text Line (CTL) is free, 24/7 support for those in crisis; users can text 741741 from anywhere within the U.S. to connect with a trained Crisis Counselor. LACSW created a partnership between LA City and CTL with the mission of raising awareness among Angelenos about CTL’s free service. In addition, CTL assigned the keyword “LA” to the region, which enables CTL to collect data specific to LA. That data is passed along to the City, free of charge, and may be instrumental in informing policy strategy around health and wellness, public safety and more.

Making LA Happen 
“Making LA Happen” is the first in a series of videos profiling the phenomenal women working in LA City government. The project was a collaboration between LACSW and LA’s Information Technology Agency, produced by LA Cityview 35, in partnership with the Directors Guild of America. LACSW is committed to fostering stories about women in the media and to raise awareness about the extraordinary women leaders within city government, who, all too often, are not recognized for their tremendous contributions. Featured leaders include:

Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation
Ana Guerrero, Mayor Garcetti's Chief of Staff
Kristin Crowley, Los Angeles's first female Fire Marshall
Deborah Flint, General Manager, Los Angeles Airports

Human Trafficking Prevention Training 
CSW, in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department, has worked to increase the number of trainings on human trafficking. In these trainings, participants learnt i) warning signs of human trafficking, ii) the importance a victim-centered approach that focuses on victims physical and emotional well-being, iii) ways to partner with public and private organizations to provide a network of support.

City Hall X 
City Hall X (CHX) is a monthly speaker series, exclusively for women working in the Los Angeles City Government that was launched in January, 2015. Every month, CHX invites one of the stellar women working in the Los Angeles City Government to share her story with other women. For those who attend, it's a transformative experience, an entirely different way to connect with the women they work with, especially the women in leadership positions. 

"Look Again" 
Look Again is a media campaign produced by LACSW, through Jessica Postigo and Nancy Perlman, in partnership with the LAPD. The intention of the campaign is to capture public attention and make Angelenos aware of the realities surrounding child sex trafficking. It is not happening "somewhere else" – it is right in our neighborhoods. The victims are not removed from our everyday life – they are just like girls we all know, as young as 8. As awareness and understanding of human trafficking is the first step to stopping it, the campaign asks Angelenos to "Look Again" and learn the signs of trafficking, as well as to reconsider their perception of it. Someone else is not going to child sex trafficking – it is up to the community and law enforcement.

Preventing Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace 
LACSW is actively engaged in the City’s efforts to prevent and address sexual harassment in City Departments. Through council meetings, working groups and commission meetings LACSW provides recommendations on the City’s policies and processes. On February 1, 2017, Mayor Eric Garcetti signed Executive Diretcive No. 18, creating the Mayor's Risk Reduction Cabinet, and later established a Harassment and Discrimination Working Group that LACSW is part of. On November 8, 2017, Councilmembers Paul Krekorian and Nury Martinez presented a Motion and moved that the City Council instruct the Personnel Department to i) report on the feasibility of creating a sexual harassment and assualt complaint hotline and website, ii) reexamine the city's sexual harassment policies to ensure the policies are victim friendly and report back with any recommendation on changes to the policy, iii) report to Council with the number of sexual harassment complaints reported in the last five years, broken down by department, and iv) conduct a citywide poll of employees on sexual harassment. Read LACSW's comments on the Motion here.

As a result, Mayor Eric Garcetti's Office and staff partners with City Councilmembers, the City Attorney, LACSW, sexual harassment counselors and EEO coordinators, and experts from external organizations are working actively on issues relating to policy, operations, training, and technology. On April 30th, 2018, Mayor Eric Gracetti adopted Executive Directive No. 23 on Harassment and Discrimination, which builds on existing discrimination policies and procedures, by ensuring that any employee who encounters or experiences harassment or discrimination is able to easily report a complaint, and feel confident that it will be properly investigated.

As part fo this work, the City has developed MyVoiceLA for current and former City employees, contractors, commissioners, elected officials and others who work with and for the City of Los Angeles who are seeking more information about their rights and responsibilities relating to discrimination and/or harassment as well as those who believe that they have been subjected to discrimination and/or harassment and wish to submit a complaint online. MyVoiceLA is currently in Beta version and will undergo changes and improvements over time. The City welcomes your feedback on the content and usability of this website. Please contact with your comments.

Want to read a summary of the LACSW's accomplishments 2015-2017? Click here


Agendas, Minutes & Recommendations

Agendas & Minutes 

The City of Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women meets every third Friday of the month from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at Los Angeles City Hall, Room 1010 (200 North Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012). Find Meeting Agendas here and read past Meeting Minutes here. If you would like to receive more information about meetings, subscribe here

Recommendations & Speeches

LACSW recommendations on the Workforce Development Board's draft Annual Plan for 2018/2019

LACSW recommendations on Motion (C.F. 17-1286) on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 

LACSW presentation to LA City Council at the Pioneer Women's Awards, March 9, 2018 (Theme: the Intersection of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking & Female Homelessness)

LACSW speech at the March for Moms, May 6, 2018

LACSW Letter of Support re Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Prioritization Policy 

Get Involved 

Our meetings are open to the public and no prior registration is needed. Please see the calendar and agendas for more information on our monthly meetings and other activities. If you want to present your work/project before the Commission at our monthly meeting, please email LACSW Project Coordinator, Caroline Toren

We partner with organizations with a commitment to supporting women and girls. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please email LACSW Project Coordinator, Caroline Toren

If you want more information on LACSW's ongoing activities, please fill in this form

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