AcHP Property Compliance Website

AcHP PROPERTY COMPLIANCE Website  (In Development)
The HCIDLA is developing a dedicated website for the Accessible Housing Program that will have:
  1. A list of all HCIDLA Covered Housing Developments, their addresses, total number of units, and required number of accessible mobility and hearing/vision units;
  2. Whether the property is in compliance with accessibility requirements;
  3. Password protection access for property owners and managers of Covered Housing Developments to track the compliance status with respect to accessibility and other AcHP requirements;
  4. Information and a link to the Grievance Process;
  5. Link to the Accessible Housing Registry;
  6. Property Management Policies and Procedures;
  7. Education and Training dates and ability to sign up for classes on-line; and
  8. The ability to track and create reports regarding compliance with AcHP requirements.